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POPPING DANCE ACADEMY Isolation / waving Waving is a great way to show the magic of the music. the illusion of waving is created by joint isolation. This is a key technique to master. Knowing how to isolation can help you with roboting, animation and much more. This page is all about the art of waving . Here you will find helpful videos on the basic technique and beyond. So keep checking in for new material. Popping dance academy for professional popping dance tutorials and training for beginner and beyond hosted by Tommy Hypno Chan Copyright © 2015 Poppingdanceacademy.com. All rights reserved Professional popping dance style tutorials | lessons | moves | classes | video | training for beginner and beyond.
FREE popping dance tutorial |  How to get started | Core 4 $18 Basic Popping level 1 Arms and  Knees Hitting Technique and  Drills edition - Classic $18 Basic Poppin 101 Part 1 - Classic
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