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POPPING DANCE ACADEMY Academy 10 Codes #1 Respect your self so you can respect others. #2 You dance to be you not to become some one you see. #3 Always know why you are doing what you are doing. #4 We don’t watch our self dance but dance with in our self. #5 Discipline is the key for success.There is always someone out there working 10x harder then you. #6 Be true to what you do and who you are. #7 Learn to teach yourself so you can teach other. #8 Hard work then Fun, There will never be fun before hard work. #9 Worry about yourself and don’t judge other. #10 When you think you know something that is when you know nothing. So keep moving Core Foundation Mind Set Learn to forget what you learned. You can only be one with your body if you move with your will . Understand technique is not a dance and dance can be a technique. Never be trap with a style but let the style flow with in. Open mind to your weak point and turn that into your strong point. Never rush to flow to the music because music will flows through you. Foundation is what you train, style is who you are. Master of one technique will let you master all technique. Learn to teach and follow but never learn just to fit in. The power is from peace and never from hate. Learn to sit back and watch before showcase your own. When things are moving fast around you then you must learn to slow down your own time. Your eyes see your next move before you think of it. Love to work hard then hard work will be your love. The most complex element comes from the simplest form Popping dance academy for professional popping dance tutorials and training for beginner and beyond hosted by Tommy Hypno Chan Copyright © 2015 Poppingdanceacademy.com. All rights reserved Professional popping dance style tutorials | lessons | moves | classes | video | training for beginner and beyond.